• This guarantee is valid only at OTUMM Watches and not at the place of purchase.
  • OTUMM Watches are guaranteed against all technical defects for a period of 24 months form the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover the strap, crystal or battery. All defects due to incidents, improper use or abuse are explicitly excluded from the warranty. If your watch needs a battery change, we recommend that you take it to a Authorized watch repair center. For further advice on battery changes , please contact us.
  • OTUMM Watches may at its discretion replace your timepiece for one with the same or greater value if yours is no longer available.
  • This warranty will no longer be valid if this watch has been tampered with, taken apart, wet, or repaired by anyone but the OTUMM Authorized Repair Center. In the case of water resistant watches, cracking of the crystal glass or loosening of the watch case back and/or the watch crown, will invalidate this warranty.
  • OTUMM watches are water resistant to the depth specified in your instruction booklet. It is very important that the crown of your watch is completely closed in order for your watch to maintain its water resistance. We recommend that you do not wear your OTUMM watch in the shower, saunas, hot tubs, or to wash dishes.


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