Otumm Watches

“A safe home port is the foundation for success, both in your business and in your personal life.”

OTUMM Watches is a Swiss brand that firmly stands for “Lifestyle at a high level”. OTUMM is the engagement of the sensation for freedom, speed and luxury with today’s technology with the taste for the classical, the modesty and the nobility of the traditional timepiece.  

 OTUMM is a young and dynamic brand of timepieces inspired by the marine chronometer which was used in the past to navigate and safely guide ships back to their home port.

OTUMM created a modern design for the antique chronometer and translated navigating into a watch that appeals to people who know where they stand in modern society. OTUMM feels like a haven for those who know what the world has to offer and who know how to enjoy quality time when surrounded by speed, luxury and freedom.

In 2012 our first watches have become reality in cooperation with Swiss and Dutch designers. The first OTUMM collection “Speed” is the combination of classical and modern details, while being true to our beliefs that a timepiece needs to be remarkable in it’s class, contemporary and dynamic.

In short:

Time starts now